How to use Openframeworks on an Android device?

I would like to write and test C++ code using openframeworks directly on a android device. There are ide’s aviable, some of them (like aide) have full support for Android sdk/ndk projects. Is there a way to get openframeworks to work on Android?

The download page of the OF website has a download link and a link to instructions to get you started

Thanks for your reply. I did read this, but it is very specific to eclipse. Unfortunally the eclipse ide is not aviable on android.

Thia thread has newer information Using Android Studio as IDE

Unfortunally we talk about different things. I know how to setup a IDE on my computer to write Apps for Android on it. What i wanna do is writing / compiling / testing Apps for Android directly on an Android device.

I waste so many time in trains, waiting rooms, … and i wanna use this time to do some cool things :wink:

There are IDE’s aviable in the Google Play Store for this, for exsample Aide:

or TerminalIDE:

My question is, can i get openframeworks to work with this. Since Aide is compatible with Eclipse Android Projects it should work, but i dont know how.

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Hi @NilsV,

Does this mobile IDE have native support? If yes, the faster way may be adding OF as a shared library to your project.