How to use openFrameworks in C#?

Hi guys,
Is it possible to develop an application using openFrameworks in c#?.
If yes… Please show me how. Thanks in advance

Short answer : No.

Long answer: Yes but tricky. You will need to create a C++/CLI wrapper for those classes from OF you want to use. This C++/CLI project will have to generate a DLL that can be consumed from C#. If what you want is to embed the OF graphical interface within a C# project that might be even harder to do, can’t help you there.

It might be easier if you build oF as a DLL first, I think someone has done it before but I don’t have much info.

Check here for more info.

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Yeah like @chuckleplant said it would be a good amount of work to do that. You might have an easier time porting over certain parts than trying to compile OF into something that can be used as managed code. Is there a particular reason you want to use c#? If we know why or what you are trying to do we might be able to give a better answer than no