How to use ofxEmscripten addon

Hi there,

Apologies for the loaded questions.
I am trying to wrap my head around ofxEmscripten addon. Went back and forth on the emscripten-site for documentation and the addon code but I cannot seem to figure out how this addon is used.

Can this addon be used directly like any other addon from Project generator (cannot seem to do that) or is this addon only meant to provide the necessary glue code just for emmake that we dont have to add explicitly.

Looking at this addon’s api, it seems one can use the addon from ofApp. Are there any examples created, Say on using the ofxAppEmscriptenWindow or ofxEmscriptenURLFileLoader etc.

Cannot seem to find much from the documentation.

Many thanks.


yes you don’t need to use it explicitly, it just provides the implementation for the window, video player, video grabber… and it’s used internally by OF whenever it detected that you are compiling for emscripten

this is common in OF, there’s for example also ofxAndroid and ofiOS. in those cases there’s some utilities that you can use directly from the addon but in the case of emscripten there’s nothing like that yet.