How to use ofLight with customized shape (like ofPath)

How to use ofLight with customized shape (like ofPath)

First, I want to add an effect to the image from iphone’s camera in real-time.
The effect is kind of like below.

I don’t know about openGL well but I guess It’s kinda of specular reflection light.
(Of course I know above work is made by CG software… but I thought I could do it using ARKit.)

I saw the areaLightExample but the light shape is only for four types.
As you know I wanna use the light with customized shape (like ofPath).

Any one knows how to do it?
Or is there other way to implement above image?

Please give me some advice.
Perfect light effect quality is not necessarily needed.



First of all, you can use 8 area lights like this for what you want.
(However I don’t think about performance)

And to implement nice look, reflection from floor seems important.