how to use OF for many targets ?

This is a basic question, I guess.
I’d like to use it to build app for iOS and OSX.

so, should I download both the OSX & iOS OF distrib then merging the folders and, creating OSX XCode projects or iOS Xcode projects by duplicating considered folder ?

I mean, can I merge the 2 folders framework ?

I’m still pretty new at this (I have released an iOs OF app and made a few osx ones), but I feel like you’d save yourself a little bit of headache by keeping them separate unless you really know your way around xcode and are really familiar with the overlapping frameworks. I’d probably just keep one as iOs and one as OSx and maybe copy the src folder back and forth? I’m not familiar enough with the frameworks to know if they are interchangeable enough to be combined though…seems like you’d be doing a lot of checking and unchecking to keep file sizes down and not include double the amount of frameworks…but again someone who knows better should come in and do the knowledge smack down on me

hi laserpilot,
thanks for your experiences here.
I’m intuitively feeling that way better too :slight_smile:

btw, OF seems totally crazy and amazing!
I’m currently developing an application (prototyping on processing + max6) that would be released for ipad.