How to use multiple haar cascades.

Hello everyone. I’m playing with 3D reconstruccion from 2D images, and I’m trying to get just some parts of the images to be reconstructed. As I’ve been reading on the forum, you love face recognition, so I have moved to test face recreation.

My question is simple. I’m running 2 haar finders on oF, one that searchs for frontal face on “frontal pic” and one that searchs for profile face on the “side pic”. My goal now is to be able to find the faces independently of the frontal/side areas. To do that, shall I run the 2 finders on every pic, or is there a way of adding more than one xml to the finder?

thanks in advanced.


your question is a little unclear.

a short answer that i hope answers it: no, you cannot combine two haar cascades in one detector. but you can run two detectors to detect two different things. just do them one after the other.

Thank you damian,

that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I run the first detector (general one) and then the other detectors are run from within every area recognized from the previous one.

it works for the recognitions but it’s too expensive for object positioning prior to 3D reconstruction, so I’m looking for different algorithms and approaches… hope i can find a less expensive way of doing this.