How to use json data from api?


I getting data from an api:

ofHttpResponse resp = ofLoadURL(“”);

I’m able to get the data into OF it return the data in a json format:

“sunrise”:“7:27:02 AM”,
“sunset”:“5:05:55 PM”,
“solar_noon”:“12:16:28 PM”,
“civil_twilight_begin”:“6:58:14 AM”,
“civil_twilight_end”:“5:34:43 PM”,
“nautical_twilight_begin”:“6:25:47 AM”,
“nautical_twilight_end”:“6:07:10 PM”,
“astronomical_twilight_begin”:“5:54:14 AM”,
“astronomical_twilight_end”:“6:38:43 PM”

How can i get the directories of json data to work with it? let’s say i only want the sunrise time.

I need json library?

Heyho, open frameworks includes ofJson.
OfJson is an alias to GitHub - nlohmann/json: JSON for Modern C++

Here is an example: openFrameworks/examples/input_output/jsonExample at master · openframeworks/openFrameworks · GitHub

Hope that helps

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Thomas, thanks a lot will take a look.