How to use ISF on Xcode Nov2021


I’m trying to understand what are the possibilities of using ISF these days with openFrameworks on MacOS. I’m not really able to test the examples of ofxVVISF neither ofxISF (this one is a bit old I know). I’ll paste the errors of ofxVVISF here so maybe anyone can help me. I’m using Xcode 11.3.1 on MacOS 10.14.6 Mojave.

I’m really trying to stack a bunch of shaders together using this example and it actually compiles just by creating a new project with PG of ofxVVISF and ofxGui and adding this code. I have tho a strange behavior:

Not really sure what’s happening here, and the sound of the video runs so I can see the video is loaded and played. I can see on the pasted github README that the author made some changes in visual studio. I also tried to add e.g. the preprocessor item to Xcode but the project no longer compiles.

Any idea on how to solve this?
Any help appreciated. Thanks

Try using this fork of ofxISF Just tested and it works

It works. If any1 is reading this and can’t compile, I also needed ofxPoco.