How to synch twitter to machine

Hello all,

I have an idea for a piece for my BFA Senior Show coming up, and wondered first if it was possible, and then if OF is the right tool to use for it.

The idea is this:
To have a cuckoo clock that would operate every time someone tweeted a specific hash-tag (like #BFAShowUD). The cuckoo would come out and ideally read the tweet. There would also be an on-site computer next to the machine to tweet a message, all with the hope it would increase the publicity of the event.

Apologies if this is how the forums are not to be used since this does not contain a specific OF question/comment. I’m new here and just looking for direction.

Thanks all,

Eric, this is certainly possible with OF but I think if you don’t have that much programming experience, maybe first try it using Arduino to trigger a motor for the physical movement of a cuckoo clock (this is a physical one, right?) and then Processing ( ) could be monitoring the Twitter public feed/stream for that hashtag.

Arduino’s IDE (programming environment) pretty much uses the same language as Processing and I bet there are people in your course if not school who might be able to help with it.

But if you want give it a go in Open Frameworks to learn it and experiment with other things, by all means do it.

Good luck!

Also check out Phidgets as they can help you control the clock and have examples for just about any language (C++, Java, Flash)

For the twitter - OF connection you can use twitcurl [1] it supports the OAuth authentication and the REST apis.