How to switch soundstream.setdevice AFTER soundstream.setup

When my app launches it picks the first audio device it can find with a particular name.
I then made a dropdown in which the user can switch the audio input.
But when I try to change the device nothing really happens.

Do I need to reinit or something?

void ofApp::setupAudio() {

  // first try to get akai device, else oF will use device 0
  vector<ofSoundDevice> matches = soundStream.getMatchingDevices("Akai Professional, LP: EIE pro (Core Audio)");
  // setup the soundstream
  bufferSize = 256;
  soundStream.setup(this, 0, 1, 44100, bufferSize, 4);

Dropdown callback:

void ParameterWindow::onDropdownEvent(ofxDatGuiDropdownEvent e) {

yes right now you have to close, setDevice and then setup again. we’ll probably change it at some point to autoclose and restart when you call setDevice or deprecate setDevice and only allow to set the setting through some kind of settings object

do you litterly mean: close the app, or close the soundstream and setup it again without shutting down the app?

close the stream