How to switch SoundDevice

When I print out ofSoundStreamListDevices() I get :

[Unkown API: 0] ASIO4ALL v2 [in:2 out:2] (default in) (default out)
[Unkown API: 1] FL Studio ASIO [in:2 out:2]

I want to use FL Studio ASIO. What I tried to do :

ofSoundStreamSettings soundStreamSettings;
ofSoundStream soundStream;
ofSoundDevice soundDevice;

soundDevice.deviceID = 1;


But that is not working. Only soundDevice.deviceID = 0 works, probably because that is the default in, out. The thing about ASIO4ALL is that it occupies the whole soundstream. So I can’t run my program and watch a youtube video.

So my question is how do I change to FL Studio ASIO?