How to start working with openFrameworks

I’m new to programming and interested in using openframeworks for:

  • art installations and working with projectors/sensors/2D, 3Dgraphics;
  • working with 2D, 3D graphics and sensors for Windows;
  • working with sensors/graphics(game type) for iOS;

Now I’ve read, that openframeworks is written to work with C++ and I have to learn this language.
As far as I know Apple suggests using Swift for iOS programming.

In connection with the above I’ve got a few questions:
1)Is it possible to create iOS App using only C++ and where i can read more about iOS Apps creation with OF?
2)Are there any known iOS apps made with OF, that I can check in App Store right now?
3)Where I can find guides on using/compiling examples?
4)Is it possible to work fully with 3D graphics in OF in game-like project?

Thank You for the attention!

hi @anton8247,

If you’re just starting your journey into openFrameworks I found the ofBook to be helpful in getting acquainted, general concepts, starting to write and run code, and play with some of the different oF libs and addons.

I’ve also found this forum a generally helpful community.

Good luck!

Hi @anton8247 ,
I am a beginner who studied in Taiwan and started using OF since months ago. I think this channel on YT might help you to start your journey. Furthermore, you can find the code for some tutorials in his github after setting up the environment.

Best wishes.

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Hi Anton8247.

Concerning your questions :

  1. Yes it is possible to create an iOS app in c++ only (the framework handles native stuff). A good starting point imho are the examples that come bundled with the OF download. They mostly should work out of the box and help you understand the key concepts.

  2. I published an app for ios and android (kings of space), and by checking in this forum I guess there are some other apps published as well using OF.

  3. The download page gives you a link to the setup guides, they proved helpfull for me to get going with the examples.

  4. Yes. However depending on your requirements there might be other solutions providing more functions out of the box for app development. The advantage of OF for me is basically the open source approach and the excellent community.

Kind Regards.

Hi @anton8247,

This YouTube channel also has some very beginner-friendly C++ and openFrameworks videos:

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