How to speed up ofxFaceTracker on win platform?

Hi everyone,

I’m new here, and started to use ofxFaceTracker tracking face.

Now, it works very well. However, it is a little slow on win platform (win8.1 x64 vs2012), even though threaded face tracking is used. Besides, it is much slower than the released FaceOSC-win verision.

Can anybody kindly tell me how to speed up tracking on win platform, especially on visual stuidio. I will be very appreciate, thx. in advance.

enable openMP in visual studio (c++ language settings - i think).

If you have visual studio express you might need to add some headers & lib files to visual studio installation dirs (ive had some trouble finding them so ive attached them here): (10.1 KB)


more simple question – are you compiling it in release mode? (debug vs release can have a huge impact in speed)

thanks Kj1 for the openmp info, that’s really useful.

thanks Kj1 and zach, these two suggestions works very well to help me get a real-time face tracking. And also thanks Jason’s great face tracking library.

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