How to specify the Sounddevice for a ofMoviePlayer?

Hello All,
I am building an installation with multiple movie elements that should output their sound through different loudspeakers. So, i want to be able to tell one movieplayer, your sound goes to output 1, another one, yours goes to output channel 4, etc.

I found zach_gages code for a multidevice soundplayer, but how does this work with moviefiles? Is it possible at all? It has to be!

Thanks for your help.

Ok, found a workaround for my problem. I split the moviefiles into two files, the videofile as .mov/.flv without sound, and the soundfile as .mp3. Then i use the multidevice soundplayer from zach_gage, to playback the sound to a specific device and an ordinary ofMoviePlayer to display the movie.

When i start a videoplayer and a soundplayer at the same time, will they still be in sync after 15 minutes of playing? I will test this. Would still be nice to have a ofMoviePlayer, that can directly adress a specific sounddevice. Maybe someone has implemented this already?

Thanks for listening…

i don’t think so. you need to sync it (for example with the clock of your soundcard). but this is very lowlevel programming and depends on your platform. so i doubt someone solves this soon.
making a movieplayer that can address a specific audio device (channel) could be done though.

Thanks for the reply didito.

Yes, its not only the devices that i have to care about but also channels. I got the soundplayer for 5.1 Device working, using the FMOD routine Channel_setSpeakerMix() to send them to the specific loudspeaker.

How? (At least the direction or main concept)
Plattform is Mac.


well, to be honest, my statement was a bit bold and meant more hypothetical :wink:

by letting the operating system or system libraries do this.
so if you connect a multichannel soundcard to your pc
you can play a movie via max/msp/jitter or pd and route the output as you want.
so it is doable.

i mean you are on mac. you have coreaudio and quicktime.
maybe you can find some sample code on the apple developer network
or via their mailing lists of how to direct the streams/channels to the different output.

but i think it is not possible to use OF which builds up on different external libs, which build up on operating system level libs, and expect that audio and video is in sync. especially since they don’t go the same path (video via quicktime, audio via fmod or openal).