How to share project between computers

I am using openframeworks on visual studio 2017. Stuff is working great, learning a lot.
Now I need to work on this project on more than one laptop.
But problems.
-OF stores the project in the myApps folder, within the OF directory. When I move it outside stuff do not work (I get that). Normally I synchronise my material using google drive but because of the location this is not really logical to do. Should I use github for sharing? I tried going that way but not very known to Git, Github, Openframeworks and Visual Studio this gets very frustrating very fast.
-I am altering addons I use. How can I use a personalised version of an addon incorporated in a project without destroying the original one?

How should I go about this? I need some way to get a better grip organising my projects.

hey @GvB
you can use the client app for GItHub. You should:

  1. install OF (same zip release versions it’s easy) in both computers.
  2. download and install and log into GitHub Desktop in both machines. (You need the internet browser logged too) (But you can use a console too without this app)
  3. create your repository for the project (OF/apps/yourApp) and clone (init) in both machines too.
  4. then you should learn how to commit (save) changes, push (send) to the repository (using GitHub Desktop)
  5. then on the other machine you can run pull (get) to update your local project (OF/apps/yourApp)
  6. you can make changes on both machines but remember to do the commit and push before to use the other machine (to avoid out of syncs)

Visual Studio has GitHub extensions and could work fine too, also you can use other clients or the console/terminal. You can found tones of guides to use Git, useful commands… etc

You should look into this guide as a good start point in OF:

it is worth making the effort to learn to use Git. Could be frustrating sometimes when you start but deserves the effort.

If you want to modify an add-on, you should make a fork of the add-on on the GitHub web, then you can have your personal version. Also you can use local addons to your project.

I should go to git… but anyway, I think there’s some tools to sync custom DropBox/Drive folder paths, so you don’t need to include all the OF folder.

Hi @GvB,
As @moebiussurfing says, it is totally worth learning Git. Using the Desktop app can make it a lot more easier, an it will be useful for any kind of coding you do, even projects unrelated with coding but for which you want to store states of different files.

As for the addons, you can either make a fork and independently push the changes or make copy of these and move it into your projects folder as a local_addon. The benefit of the latter is that you only have to care about a single git repo, as the addon’s code will be part of the project. If you do so, remember to delete from the copied addon the .git folder. It is invisible so you might want to do it with the terminal.