How to share an app with another person that has the same operative system?

I would like to share an OF executable build on a Mac on another Mac. I know that you have to add your asset right clicking on the the exec and “adding data” to it, but I have heard that due to some security policy it will not work.

I was also curious to know how does it work on Windows and Linux.

You don’t need to do that, just share the whole bin folder. That will work for linux and windows as well except in linux it’ll only work between the exact same version of the OS

In osx though the first time you run the app you need to move the .app somewhere else for it to work from the directory where it’s at so if you share the whole bin folder you might need to move the .app outside of the bin folder and move it back in again.

If you add the data inside the .app bundle then you need to use ofSetDataPath to set tell OF where to find the data folder

Also in osx if the app is not signed you will need to explicitly give permissions for that application to run

I have had this issue with sharing apps w. clients and my solution is to use an app called “DMG canvas”

it let’s you design and sign a disk image and I typically will make disk images that look like this:

if you sign the disk image and they copy the app out of it, you bypass the “app translocation” security setting which is what is making the app not find it’s data folder

Apple is becoming a collection of tools to make people’s life more complicated than what actually is.
Thank you both for your answers :wink: