How to setup playmodes in xcode?


i’m trying to setup playmodes ( ), which is based on openframeworks, on a mac and therefore in xcode but always get stuck. the compliler throws serveral errors caused by the poco library.
i know how to setup a common openframework project in xcode, but this seems to be different.

is there anybody who tried this already or have a tutorial or some hints?


Looks like I might be joining the team of this project, and as such have been working with eloi on getting a Mac/XCode port up and going. I have been successful, but not without a few changes to 0.06 core that I would like to investigate further. I also have not finished updating the code to be completely 0.06 compatible (use of ofAddons.h and such). As soon as I have these things figured out, and a few logistics with making sure my code is in line with theirs since apparently the code found on the site is actually old, I will be more then happy to share, hopefully in a few days!



any news on this? I am also trying to setup Playmodes in Xcode with no success, can you maybe post your progress?



hi all :wink:

we’ve been working on other fields lately and we’ve found not much time to put into Playmodes. This november we’ll be starting again with the development of Playmodes project.

we apologise for the version we’ve online … it’s the wrong one . We developed it with a previous OF 0.06, not the final one and there are some inconsistences on it that would make it not to compile in OF 0.06.

we’re just opening a code repository in google.code and we’ll start publishing fresh stuff soon …

we’re in touch with psykel, OF user, who has been able to run Playmodes in OSx. You can contact him maybe to share the project. Soon he’ll be publishing it into the google repository.

thanks for the patience and sorry for the inconvenience … we’ve been busy working on stuff to earn 4 food :wink:



Hi, im still new to OF but am really interested in using Playmodes for experimentation.

I have downloaded to zip from google code for mac and have replaced missing folders in xcode with ones that are on my harddrive and im still getting alot of errors.

They start out like:

Warning: The Copy Bundle Resources build phase contains this target’s Info.plist file ‘openFrameworks-Info.plist’.

error: Poco/Foundation.h No such file or directory
error: ‘::memcpy’ has not been declared
error: ‘::memmove’ has not been declared
error: ‘::strcpy’ has not been declared
error: ‘::strncpy’ has not been declared


Im starting to feel pretty stuck. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Im on
OSX 10.5
Xcode 3.1.3



In order to become an effective Xcode user, you must need to understand two major Xcode concepts. The first is how Xcode projects are defined and organized. The second is how the Xcode build system takes the targets that are defined in your projects and turns them into products. This is Also A very helpful for you.


Is there any Hint on how to install playmodes on Xcode _ which version is the actual one ? - it would be really cool ! Thanks in Advance! -