How to setup OF on iphone...?

Hello everyone, my name is Togo.

This might sound very stupid, but I have a question regarding how to setup and run compiled OF programs on iOS.

I tried to use the following page as my resource:

However the screens on is so much different now from the instructions provided on the page above…

I tried looking for other new posts for setting up, but was futile…
Do any of you might be able to lend me some help??

Thanks in advance,

For me, the XCODE setup was invisible.
Automatically they understood and linked with my account.

I just opened a project example and put it to build and run.

If you dowload OF, run and project generator it should work on the simulator. If you wanna a run it on the device you need a dev account. insturctions are probably better at

Thanks for your reply. Yeah, just running on the simulator was no problem, but trying it on the actual device was something else. I guess I’ll need to spend some more time into this!

Thank you for your response. Yes, I can compile it and run using a simulator, but I’d like to use it on actual device. As you advised me, probably I would resort to and look for resources there.

Hello guys!

I did some trial, and got it to work!
Thanks for the input!