How to setup high pixel density on Windows?

I’m using a high PPI monitor, everything in the oF window looks tiny. This works well with retina displays on OSX, how can I setup the same scaling for Windows?

Found these two functions in GLFW site but I’m not sure on how to use them:


Hi there,

I’m trying to do the same, my application looks really tiny on a surface pro 4 and I was wondering if you discovered how to scale it properly.


Not really… never tried it.

Check here to see how you can use those funcitons. Maybe there’s a more official way to do this with 0.9.2 or later versions of oF.

To use glfw functions just add #include "ofAppGLFWWindow.h" to your code.


In fact this is already checked in there, so it will probably not work.

Try debugging those lines to see if you enter the condition right below.

Edit: pixelScreenCoordScale should have some value different from 1.

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