how to setup addons examples

Hello All.

I guess I am very new to OF because I seem not to be able to get any of the addons to work.

Can some explain to me how to setup a project so that I can run the ofxSimpleGuiToo example?

Here is what i tried:
I duplicated a working project.
I replaced testApp.h , testapp.cpp and main.h with the files i found in the example folder. i added some of the addons folders to the file structure in xcode.

And I am still getting many errors, mainly stuff like this:
error: ‘ofMouseEventArgs’ has not been declared

Thanks for helping a newcomer.


not all of the addons work properly with the iphone setup.
i havent used 006 extensively, but it sounds like the gui addon uses poco events, and poco isn’t implemented in the iphone build yet :confused:

has more information.

another possible solution would be to look at this thread:—the-world-simplest-gui/1111/0

and see if any of the early downloads are still up, since i think some of them were compatible with 005, didn’t use poco, and would therefor work on the iphone

Yep problem is lack of poco in ofxiphone. I’ll upload a poco independant version of ofxsimpleguitoo soon if I can, should be very straight forward.

hey, memo, about using poco:

Might it be possible to compile Poco’s libraries from scratch using GNU’s ARM7-Darwin-specific version of GCC, then put them into the OF iPhone package so that instead of having to work around poco, we can just use a native version? I mean, isn’t poco designed for portability (hence “poco” = “portable computing”)? This shouldn’t be too hard, and it’s something that I think we should look into for truly making poco a major part of oF.

yup, poco can be compiled for iphone

just not sorted out yet in ofxiphone!