How to set windowSettings on Android?


Hi, I wonder how to set window settings on Android.
For example on iOS, in main.cpp file, I can do it like below.

int main(){
	//  here are the most commonly used iOS window settings.
        ofiOSWindowSettings settings;
        settings.enableRetina = true; // enables retina resolution if the device supports it.
        settings.enableDepth = true; // enables depth buffer for 3d drawing.
        settings.enableAntiAliasing = true; // enables anti-aliasing which smooths out graphics on the screen.
        settings.numOfAntiAliasingSamples = 4; // number of samples used for anti-aliasing.
        settings.enableHardwareOrientation = true; // enables native view orientation.
        settings.enableHardwareOrientationAnimation = true; // enables native orientation changes to be animated.
        settings.glesVersion = OFXIOS_RENDERER_ES1; // type of renderer to use, ES1, ES2, ES3
        settings.windowMode = OF_FULLSCREEN;

    	return ofRunApp(new ofApp);

I couldn’t find any object like “ofAndroidWindowSettings”.
So maybe all of these settings should be done somewhere else? (e.g manifest file)
I would appreciate any advice. Thanks!


Does Android use ofGLESWindowSettings() to create a window?


yes ofGLESWindowSettings

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