How to set the Mac App icon in OF?

How to set the Mac App icon in OF ?
I set the images.xcassets ,but It can’t work, What should I do?

Hi there!

If you want to change the icon for a specific project, on Xcode go to the Project Navigator and select Project.xcconfig. There, you can change te path to your icon, like to the data folder.

If you want the data path to be default path for any project, you can change the Project.xcconfig in your_OF_root/scripts/templates/osx/.

And if you want to replace the icon for any project, but keep the default path, you can simply replace the icons in your_OF_root/libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project/osx/.

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Thank you @hubris

I have the same situation. I haven’t figured it out yet.

I always end up opening the inspector on the app once it’s built (CMD + i) and pasting an icon on to the icon top left.
Manual but it works.

I found a way to solve the problem - Folder Colorizer for Mac: Change Folder Color on macOS

got the solution -