How to set language dialect in config.make?

Hi, I would like to set C++ language dialect to C++14[-std=c++14].

How can I set this in config.make?

in linux it should be c++14 by default if you are using anything newer than gcc 4.8 in other platforms is fixed to c++11 and there’s no way to change it right now per project. you would need to edit the config file for that platform in the OF config files. for example for osx

it should be relatively easy to add a new flag in the makefiles config files that could be overwritten per project if you want to give it a try

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Thank you @arturo

Is it possible to set language dialect or optimization flags in file so PG can generate Xcode project based on the settings? What if my addon only works with C++14? It won’t build on macOS when created with PG unless the user changes the settings.

no, there’s no way at the moment, adding it to addons_config would also require a way to overwrite that variable but at the moment is just set as a plain CXXFLAGS. We are going to do a new release soon so perhaps we could increase the minimum dialect in osx to c++14. do you know which is the min xcode version that supports it?

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I’m not sure but I guess it’s either Xcode 5 or 6 based on this question: