How to send/receive images between OF and python

Hi Forum.

My OF app connects to a USB cam, finds faces, extracts them and in the end has to show all processed results.
But I want to use python to do extra analysis and manipulation on those images.

Is there a way to send/receive image data between these two?

It seems Syphon is not possible with python.

thanks of any tips.

Maybe you can look if the content of a folder changes. So if there is a new saved picture from OF
, the python app can open & process the file.
Also you can send an OSC message (of to py) to alert that a new image is saved.
Some time ago I used a sqlite file shared from the of app with a python app, just to handle Twitter timelines; easier to do with python…

BTW you can send blob raw data images with osc protocol

I would use named pipes instead of OSC. I haven’t tried myself but seems to me a much faster option.

If you decide to go for a network solution I would go for this:

I tried a year ago and it was great.
This is probably much faster to set up but you will have to create python bindings to grab the data in python.

Thanks for your replies.

@moebiussurfing I’m worried that the saving and loading will cause for a large delay.

@Jordi I will certainly investigate the add-on you suggested.

I’m hoping to use this PRNet code but still want to use OF image acquisition and display