How to save hi-res images?

Saving the a screen image in OF is quiete easy all I need to do is to call any of this methods:

ofxiPhoneAppDelegate * delegate = ofxiPhoneGetAppDelegate();  


ofxiPhoneScreenGrab( NULL );  

But the saved image looks like its in low resolution, any ideas how to increase the quality of the resulting image?

Thanks in advance

You could try to implement a tile saver. It basically renders details of your images in the low resolution and then stitches the results together. There was an ofxTileSaver, but I have no idea where to download it and if it still works…

ofxTileSaver wont work on 0.07 due to some heavy changes to ofImage. Any progress on this from your side?


I’ve updated the ofxTileSaver addon to work with 007. check it out here: