How to run examples from ofxFaceTracker?

Hi People

How do I correctly run examples from ofxFaceTracker?

Do I use the project generator? Do I run the files directly from the examples folder? What are the steps I need to follow?

I have made numerous attempts, both in of_v0.8.4_osx_release and of_v0.9.0_osx_release. Nothing seems to be working.

This is my first post in here, I have searched for similar topics, but found no answers.

Andreas from Denmark (attempting to make the leap from Processing to openFrameworks)

Is my question too broad or generic?

Should I phrase my question in another way or provide error messages?


you might try posting an issue on the addon itself… Also, did you try updating one of the examples from the project generator and did you also have the other necessary addons like ofxCv and ofxTiming ?

Hi Zach

Thanks a lot for replying. I now have most of the examples running, but some errors in e.g. “blink-example”, after the program has run for a few seconds…

Were would be the right place to post more specific question about such errors? Here on the forum (in the “beginners” category?) or somewhere else?

I think the addon github is a good place for addon specific problems, you can sometimes even file and issue pointing back to a forum post – sometimes the addon author might not see the post here and by giving them feedback you can help them improve their addon. You can also try to @ them if you can find them on the forum, ie: @kylemcdonald…

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This is my first post on OF, also I don’t have any C++ experience so my answer can be wrong. Anyway…

In every example folder there’s an addons.make file, it contains the addons needed for the project:

  • ofxCv
  • ofxFaceTracker
  • ofxGui
  • ofxOpenCv

Create a new empty project using the Project Generator, in the addon section check all the addons required by the project (the ones listed in addons.make file). After you generate the project, copy the src folder from the example, on top of the generated src folder. Then open the project in CodeBlocks and you should be able to run it.

Hope that helps…



thanks @alecule that response is exactly correct :slight_smile:

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Hi, just getting started with xCode and the examples.

I am getting the warning “Using QTKit, which is deprecated in OSX 10.9” in xCode.

Does this mean that I can’t run the examples? I get “build succeeded” but nothing happens.

thank you

This works great:

-open the project generator
-press import
-locate an example, for example “addons/ofxFaceTracker/example-advanced”
-press open (it will load the addons now!)
-press update to create the xcode project file etc.

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