How to run addon's examples without vs project files

hi everyone. I’m a pretty beginner of OF, so I’m still explorer the examples…

I met some difficulties when I tried to run some addon’s examples because there is no project files there.

Then I create one with VS, and copy \src from example to it, but VS say someing is wrong like this.


you should use project-generator to create a project
it is included into openFrameworks directory tree

Hello @swortain, @Gallo is right, use the project generator to open it in Visual Studio. Let’s say you want to run the customEventExample.
Open the project generator, click on “Import”, open the example folder, then event and then select customEventExample. Then click on “open in IDE”. And it should work

Hey, thank you for your reply!

In fact I tried it before…but the errors is still there…

Thank you for your reply,

I tried it…but not work…

so it supposed to be the addon’s problem?

Which example are you try to open?

both two examples can’t be ran…

I’ve thought you were talking about the examples that comes with the OF installation!

To use the ofxCurlNoise addons in your application, do the following:
Download the addon and put it in your folder /your_OF_folder/addons/

Now open the project generator, create a new project, and in the addon field start to type ofxCurlN… the project generator will suggest you the name of the addon you have just downloaded. Click on it.
Then click “Generate” and then “Open in your IDE”

sorry for the confused.

I’m not a native English speaker so sometimes I can’t express my opinion…

I did what you metioned, but it still can’t work anyway.

I tried some other addons, it should be caused by the writer’s mistake of that addon.

maybe I should ask the writer…

Thank you very much anyway!!