How to run a HD video in RBPi4 and Debian-buster?

I’ve been testing for days different configurations, searching for a solution of playing HD video with good framerate in Rasberry. I managed to run RBPi 3 +B and ofxOMXPlayer. However, now I would need to resolve it using RBPi 4.
Is it possible to run at 60fps a FullHD short video? ofxOMXPplayer doesn’t run in RBPi 4 that’s confirmed. But there is not another way? like changing the pixel format in the video player?

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The command line version of OMXPlayer seems to support the RPI4, so playing a full HD video at full screen on a second HDMI port should be possible, controlled from OFX.

Also, ofxOMXPlayer is based on an older version of OMXPlayer, so it should be possible to create a version for the RPI4 (based on a newer version of OMXPlayer, but this is not trivial).