How to reuse code between different shaders

Hello, I’ve a library used in different fragment shaders. Is there a way to include it? For now I’m copying and paste its content every time i need it but I’m ending up with files with an high level of verbosity.

In the javascript world there is this that it is handy for structuring modular application, I wonder if something similar can be used also in OF.

you may have a centralized repository for your library and include the library files in your shaders
the path needs to be relative to the shader file which include the library file :

for instance, if we have a noise library file, we can include it in our shader with the following line :

#pragma include "../../../library/noise.glsl"

I’ve tried this on macos successfully but it didn’t work on windows10. No idea if it works for linux.

it seems to only work on unix based systems since it works on linux too

Does it works just with absolute paths?

No, it works with relatives paths. It does not work obviusly with ofxAutoReloadedShader, that’s why I was having an error. Thanks!

Hi @edapx!
Are you using ofxAutoReloadedShader with OF 0.9 or above? Because I’m trying now with OF 0.10 and I have a Poco issue.
I found here that OF doesn’t use Poco anymore:

so I tried to change “getLastModified” method in that way:

std::time_t ofxAutoReloadedShader::getLastModified( ofFile& _file )
	if( _file.exists() )
//    Poco::File& pocoFile    = _file.getPocoFile();
//    Poco::Timestamp timestamp  = pocoFile.getLastModified();
    std::time_t fileChangedTime = std::filesystem::last_write_time(_file);
		return fileChangedTime;
		return 0;

but my shader seems loaded but I can’t see anything (that I see with the normal ofShader).
Maybe you had same issue.

I do not see any poco lib here

Are you sure you are using the last version of the addon? Anyway, in my case, I am including external library using the ofShader. Something like #pragma include "../../../library/noise.glsl" does not work with ofxAutoReloadShader because, i think, the include needs to be compiled.


I think that inadvertently I downloaded the master_0.8.4… don’t know why/how. Sorry!!
Anyway… yes, glslify is very cool! But it’s also good to know how to include some glsl code in a shader in OF.

I just tried to load an external file with ofxAutooReloadedShader and it seems to work.
I tried on fragment. This is my external file inside “myApps/library” folder:

vec3 getColor(){
  return vec3(1.0,0.0,1.0);

And this is my fragment inside “data/shaders” folder:

#version 330

#pragma include "../../../library/external.glsl"

out vec4 FragColor;

void main( void ) {
  FragColor = vec4(getColor(),1.0);

I’m on High Sierra.

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