How to resolve Apple Mach-O Linker (ld) Error Group

Hi Friends.
I am using OSX 10.12.1 (Sierra), trying to build projects created in OSX 10.6 SDK.

I have successfully installed the 10.6 SDK on my XCode, and have changed the Build Architecture in the project’s settings. I have also changed the minimum SDK in the plist file.

However when I try to build the project I get the following error:
Apple Mach-O Linker (ld) Error Group

How can I resolve? Thanks!

are you using 10.6 sdk for access to quicktime?what version of OF ? is this an older project or are you using an up to date project? Did you try to clean and rebuild ?

I know in 0.9.3 we had an issue with some libs not having 32bit builds but I think this is fine now:

Thanks for your help.

I am not using quicktime in this project.
OF version 7.0.
These are projects from 2011-2012.

I did not try to clean and rebuild but will look into it.


A three-step process allows you to convert older projects to current OF9.8.

Make sure to back up your project before making any of these changes.
(NOTE: you must have homebrew installed for the ‘rename’ command to work).

#Step 1: Convert to OF9.8 naming convention
From your Terminal, navigate to the folder that contains the projects you want to alter.
Then run these commands:

#Step 2: Move the project from the OF7.0 folder to the OF9.8 folder

#Step 3: Update project using the projectGenerator
Use the project generator (a tool that comes with OF9.8) to update your project.
In OSX, it can be found at OF9.8/projectGenerator-osx/projectGenerator

Make sure to back up your project before making any of these changes.

Resolving error (bcoz In General tab your_projectname.framework file is disable)
step 1: just you can go build phase tab click on Link Binary with library expand
step 2: in General tab Expand Linked Frameworks and Libraries