How to reinit ofxGuiExtended

So i´ve using ofxGuiExtended from here :

I make a GUI wich is been generated accodirng to the Uniforms names of the shaders that are loaded to the program.

The code works marvellius, the problem is that the GUI is been generated only when the program starts

But , i need to implement the hability to add new uniforms on the run, and for each new uniform add a new slider. or delete uniforms and for each deleted uniform also deleted the sliders.

Im not sure which is the best way to do this

Im trying to remove all the panels from ofxgui but i seem to be unable to do it.

Is there anyway to clear all the gui, like

gui.clear() or something like that?

I just can´t find the way to do it.

One possible way, i guess, is to just recreate the whole panel by getting the parameters from the old one creating a new one with those parameters + anything you want to add / remove and then replacing the old panel with the new one