How to: Record Full HD video with audio to disk ?

Hi there,

I have a question where I can’t get my head around.
For a client I have to record a video of 1:30 minutes from a webcam. It needs to be full HD and there has to be audio included to and it has to be saved to disk.
The first attempt was with Adobe Flash, together with a Wowza Media Server installed locally. That failed miserably because Flash lacks the performance to record properly.

So I want to turn to OpenFrameworks. Does anybody know if this is even possible, and how I should approach it? The Wowza server is installed, so I can reach that localy.

And if it is not possible to do with OpenFrameworks, does anybody know an other way?

Kind Regards,
Peter Goes

Old post, but I thought I might reply for posterity…a solution may be found here:;-video-in-sync-solved-mac-only/6390/0