How to "install" addon and to maintain OF sources on our computer ?

Hi there,
I’d like to know what is the best practices to maintain a clean folder structures for my OF projects.

Once I downloaded OF sources for iOS (in my case, I need that first),

  • how can I use addons? (I mean, I can include headers in my testApp but, is it only that in OF?)
  • how can I upgrade all those sources ?
  • what is the “autogenerated projects” concept I saw on github README ?

The idea is, obviously, to find the workflow to easily maintain/backup etc all the folders.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

for now i recommend this tutorial and hopefully soon we can have another about maintaining addons. autogenerated projects are in the process of changing significantly, so ignore that for now. if you have the release (versus the github develop branch), you don’t have to worry about it.

hello and thanks a lot for your answer.

but what is that autogenerated concept?
I’m not only curious, but also I know I’ll have to dig more on next weeks so…

How to use addons?
I mean, I find a nice addons on the addon website, where should I put the folders ? In … addons ? Is it the only required stuff ?

i put all my addons in the addons folder, yes. i mix in the core addons with others.