How to publish an oF application.


I’ve just made an application and want to publish it, like, a standalone .exe file.

Is there any way I can do that?



don’t understand your question…
If you made an application, i think you compiled and tested it ?
So you must obtain a binary (.exe if you are in windows) in you app folder in the bin directory.

Of course I’ve compiled it and built in under release.

But the problem is that, I can’t just copy and paste the .exe binary to a different directory and run it there because I don’t have the necessary DLLs there.

What do I have to include in a folder in which I contain the binary, if I want to run the application from a location outside the oF folder?

geia sou @greekfellows

You can use installer for your app. Just configure the installer, location where to install your app and necessary files, dll etc…

aah nice.