How To publish an OF app for windows

I compiled and built an OF app on windows10.

Now when I copy paste the folder on to another windows10 machine and open the .exe file, I get a blank window.

How should I go about it?

Will I have to install OF on the other machine also ?

IIRC, the other machine needs to have Visual C++ Redistributable installed. Might be some other things too, but try installing that first.

Edit: and you need the whole bin folder, the exe + the dlls.

I think they just need the EXE, the DLLs, and any data folders/files the program uses.

I’ve been distributing my OF game to Windows testers with just a ZIP with just the exe, FreeImage.dll, fmodexL.dll, fmodex.fll, and my data folder.

What best to use to make a more formal “installer” for Windows, I haven’t chosen yet.