How to play SWF / Flash movie in a of window?


has anyone tried to implement a netscape plugin container for of? Or does anyone know another method? Especially I seek for a solution which is running on OSX.



can you give more details about the format?
If it is a simple swf that quicktime can play then there is a good chance you can play it with the ofVideoPlayer.


Actually I’ve have written a VJ software which is based on flash. Currently it is a windows only software. I record the sound signal, do a fft, und push the signals through ActiveX in the flash layer - there they can be used with ActionScript.

Now I want to port the software to OSX (actually I switched - so I need it ;-). I found a library called FlashInApp - which actually does what I want to do. Unfortunately this framework is written for Objective-C and it natively binds with cocoa.

I think the quicktime method would be insuffient because QT has limited ActionScript support.

PS: tried ofVideoPlayer to play an swf - crashed my machine.

you could convert the swf to flv format and use quicktime (with the component installed) to play the flv.

Due to heavy ActionScript this is *sadly* not really an option. For Videos only it works fine.

I guess the embedded browser is the best option then - though plugins might be an issue.

I can’t remeber off the top of my head but there is a web browser library that renders pages to an openGL texture.

I think Zach knows the name of that library though.