How to Paste text into ofxLabel / ofParameter<string> in ofxGui?

Is there any way to paste text into an ofParameter in ofxGui? (I want to be able to paste a large block of text into an input field in the GUI.) (I realize I can use a ofSystemTextBoxDialog for this, since I can paste text into that)

ctrl+v or cmd +v on macos should work to paste text on text fields

Nothing happens when I do Ctrl+v or Cmd+v. It also doesn’t work in a ofSystemTextBoxDialog, but i can right-click and paste text into ofSystemTextBoxDialog. (Not a ofxGui label). Am I doing something wrong?

what platform?

oF 0.10.0

oh, yes there’s a bug in 0.10 in osx where ctrl or cmd + key won’t be detected in OF. it should be fixed in the nightly builds

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