how to open others openframeworks files - code:blocks

i have been messing with some tutorials in the book propgramming interactivity by o’riley.
i use code:blocks for coding openframeworks but i have come into problems when trying to load other peoples files into code:blocks.

for example the book has an online source for code examples and when i try to download the .h and .cpp files and open them in code:blocks i get troubled because i can’t compile.

i really dont know how to open files without code:blocks project files in the same project.

i think it has something to do with missing addons and stuff but can someone point me to a resource that explains the exact steps to get this going i would be so happy.

i think a lot of people suffers from the same beginner sickness as me hehe

kindest regards!
johannes jørgensen

just make a copy of the emptyExample in a folder inside something like:


it’s important that the example files is 2 folders under apps, the names can be any

then overwrite the files in src with the ones from the example in the book, open the codeblocks project file and it should work.

hey arturo thanks for the reply!

i just installed on a new machine so havent been able to test it out but i have a few more questions until that.

yeah i guess taking a premade project file and replacing files with the ones you downloaded is the deal.
but i have trouble when i download special of projects for example:

i try to download the source files for a project that uses opencv
then what kind of project should i open to get the correct addons implemented.

or said in a more direct way:
when opening others source files how do you implement the correct addons (pointers?)

sorry for the uneasy english i write i hope i make myself clear.

kindest regards and summer joy

for not being too hypothetical i have supplied the link to the files id like to be able to open in a fresh install:

the examples from the book programming interactivity.

for example how do i open the
ofxSimpleGesture.h and ofxSimpleGesture.cpp files correctly?

again thanx in advance.