How to name a program in Mac


I’m new to OF on Mac and I have a question:

How do I give the compiled application a name (instead of openFrameworks)?
On Windows this is fairly easy but I don’t understand how to do it in Xcode…


In Xcode menu, option Project > Rename…

Oh sorry… I meant how to rename the name of the comiled app-file…
Now, when running the program it says “openFrameworks”, I want
it to show up as “MyCoolProgram”…

Isn´t that possible on Mac?

Hi Alfred,

The way to do it is to expand the Targets icon in the left hand pane, and do that wierd Apple single pausy click, and it will let you rename the application that will be created by XCode when you compile. It’ll have “Release” or “Debug” tacked on the end too as normal.




This might also be of some help?

Actually I sorted it all out now, I was stupid
not to try what afernasa said, it worked…

using the rename function every reference in the program
related to the project name was changed, including
the name of the .app file.

you don’t have to do it like in that video, changing the
plist and all that. it’s all handled automatically by Xcode.


and thanks!!