How to minimize delay at receiving end of RTSP stream?

Hi Guys,

I am using nexus 7 wifi 2013 edition with android 4.4.3. I am receiving one RTSP stream on my tablet from IP camera. I am using multiple players : VLC, RTSP Viewer, RTSP palyer but the delay is 2 seconds. I do not have any idea how to minimize this delay. I have tested the same RTSP steam on my ubuntu laptop and it works without any delay but when I am trying the same thing on android it gives me 2 seconds delay.

Please guide me on this.

Thanks in advance!!!

At least with VLC try to find the network-caching option, which is 1 second by default. Reducing this value should help


Thank you for your response. I still not able to find this network caching thing in VLC but I got the problem.

As per the problem statement, I am using 2 different devices for streaming.

  1. Client laptop
  2. Nexus 7

On client laptop link speed is 144.4 mbps,
on Nexus 7, link speed is 72 mbps

I have also tried checking ping commands and I got some difference:
on client Laptop, 1 packet takes 4 ms to reach.
on Nexus 7, same packet takes 10 ms to reach.

Now my question is, is this the problem for delaying the stream on tablet and if this is the problem then what should be the next step.

thanks in advance!!!

Its usual that tablets have more delay, as they are less powerful (less network buffer and less decompression speed). Try reducing the stream bandwidth, using a lower resolution.

You have to take into account that the tablet screen resolution is smaller than the laptop’s, therefor you don’t need a high resolution stream, just the screen resolution.