How to make your own icon on Xcode 12.5.1

I understand that making icons have changed in Xcode 12.5.1 has any one got instructions of how to do this OF?
I have used Icon Maker Pro to generate all the various sizes of icon and dragged them into the AppIcon in a Assettes.xcassets folder I copied from an Xcode example, but then what? What other things need changing for Xcode to actually use this icon set in an OF app?


Hi, ignore that xcassets thing. On your OF project’s Project.xcconfig file you can set the data path to your icon. Then the post compile scripts in the project will make the necesary stuff to make this your app’s icon.

Thanks, but that is what I have been trying to do for several days to no effect. Are you sure this still works with Xcode 12.5.1? This is why I tried to follow the xcassets stuff.

does your app has the OF icon or does it have the default apple app icon?
If the former, then the method I said should work. Double check the file paths. Try with an absolute path to make sure it works. If the latter, I then have no idea. I dont have xcode 12.

Thanks for your reply.
My app has the normal OF icon.
One thing I am unsure of is the Icon name, this is because I have the full range of required Icon sizes in the folder bin/data/AppIcon.apiconset/ and have also tried putting all of them in the level above and changing the path appropriately.

I have tried all sorts of combinations including picking a specific icon name, like -
ICON_NAME_DEBUG = icon_128x128.png
and also without the .png extension.

I have also tried this on my laptop which uses Xcode 13.3.1 with the same negative results.

I did do some app development with objective C back in about 2005 and getting the icons to stick was always a hit an miss affair even then.

Hi, I think that the icon has to be of .icns type.
There used to be a tool that came with xcode for creating icons but no longer. Although there are some apps aroudn that would create these.
in the Project.xcconfig file, it is important that ICON_FILE_PATH is pointing at the correct path where you have the icon.

Thanks, yes that was indeed the problem. I had some .icns files I used back in 2005 and they indeed did work with the OF system on Xcode 13.

Unfortunately that now generates an Assets.xcassets folder which contains an AppIcon.appiconset folder which contains seven different sizes of .png files. So it seems like this webpage has been updated.

Anyway now I know what I am looking for.
Thanks again

Edit:- seems to work.