How to make particle collide with 3d mesh

Hi I want to create a simulation to simulate when multiple particles collide with a 3d mesh. So I first write the particle collide function and it works pretty well with other 3d objects cubes/balls etc. But since 3d mesh (initialized using Perlin noise to simulate landscape ) is not a 3d object so collide function will take no effects between them. So I just want to know how could I change to make particles collide with a 3d ofmesh object?

@Alex_Z1 Have you seen ofxBullet?

I am not sure but maybe these add-ons can help:

Hey @Alex_Z1 , are the 3d objects that have worked well so far been derived from of3dPrimitive? Like ofSpherePrimitive, ofBoxPrimitive, etc? If so, you can probably get something to work by creating your own of3dPrimitive, which is derived from ofNode and will have an ofMesh inside of it to work with. The of3dPrimitive could also reside in a class with some of the other variables and functions that you need to determine collisions, describe their effect, etc.