How to make ofxGui objects width smaller?


just a question regarding ofxGui.
id like to know if its possible if you can change the width of objects from ofxGui. if youre wondering of the term ‘objects’, i just mean the created ofxGui, say a slider or a toggle/button.
but they always are a certain length/width. i just want to make them smaller.

if not ill add it as a request


lewis lepton

Have you tried :

ofxPanel gui;
gui.setSize(float w, float h);
gui.setWidthElements(float w);
gui.setDefaultWidth(float w);
gui.setDefaultHeight(float h);

I think you’ll be able to do what you want with those methods.
They are available for ofxFloatSlider ofxIntSlider and all you can add in an ofxPanel.

I was previously using ofxUI wich is great too.

HA, i laugh at how simple that is, and seems now. HA
aye, i looked at ofxUI as well. but fancy keeping to just oF based included addons at this moment right now. maybe ofxgui will get a nice overhaul with more features. but right now it has what i need.

thanks :wink: