How to make ofCamera and ofLight move according to ofTranslate()

Hi, I found out ofCamera and ofLight don’t get affected by previously called ofTranslate(), ofRotate() and ofScale(). When I draw the node of ofCamera or ofLight using draw(), the node gets affected by the previously called matrix transformations. But the actual position and orientation of ofCamera and ofLight didn’t seem to have any effect. (if I’m not mistaken)

On the other hand, ofNode based 3d shapes like ofBoxPrimitive get affected by the matrix transformations.

Do ofTranslate(), ofRotate() and ofScale() only affect visible shapes that can actually be drawn to screen?

I would be nice to see an example of what you are doing and a description of what you want to do.
Personally, I do not use ofTranslate when using ofNode (and ofCamera, ofLight and ofPrimitive all inherit from ofNode), for the reason that if a matrix transformation does not work as expected, I prefer to have just one source of error. What are you trying to translate/move/scale ?