How to make oF go fullscreen on a specific monitor on Windows 8.1?

Hey oF,

I’m trying to get oF to go fullscreen on a specific monitor and not the one marked as “primary” by the OS. The goal is to have 3 instances of oF running, each targeting a specific monitor.

Is there any way to do this under Windows?

btw - im using oF 8.4.0, so using GLFW to select the monitor is not possible, as it was not integrated into master yet.

Thanks much!

OF 0.8.4 already uses GLFW so you should be able to use it to select the monitor

Peeking at ofAppGLFWWindow.h, I don’t see any function that allows me to set the target monitor… only coordinates.

Is there something I’m missing?

ofGetScreenWidth() gives the width of the primary monitor. So pick coordinates (ofGetScreenWidth(), 0) and it should pop up at the second monitor.