How to make arm64-v8a show up in Build Variant in Android Studio?

I downloaded the arm64 libs from and replaced the all the libs with the current ones in OF/libs.

And then I opened an OF project in Android Studio but I cannot see arm64-v8a option form Build Variant section.

How to make arm64-v8a show up in the Build Variant so I can build the project using it?

Hi Cuinjune

I managed to solve it by modifying the 3 build.gradle files.

  • set target sdk from 25 to 28
    targetSdkVersion.apiLevel 28

  • modify ndk platform version from 19 to 21
    ndk { platformVersion = “21”

I tested it on a fresh download of of 0.10.1 in android studio 3.4.1 on windows.

However, if you use plugins (such as ofxAssimpModelLoader) this may result in supplementary errors related to the subject.

Hope this helps.

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