How to make addons easier to find?

I think that one thing where the OF community is really shining is its capacity to produce addons. There is an addon for everything! The problem is that most of the time, they are not up to date. Or one of the forks is much more up to date than the original one, but no one knows about the existence of that forks. For example, is much more up to date than the original How should a beginner know that is much more easier getting the first addon working than the second one? There is no way.

At the moment, there are 2 website where it is possible to find addons:

But none of them takes forks into consideration, neither if the addon is really working with the last OF version. To verify if an addon is working, we could use the travis and appveyor templates that @arturo prepared ~ 1 year ago. If an addon has these two files, and if the badges are green, than the addon is working and can be considered “trustable”.

What do you think?


I don’t know how to use the travis and appveyor stuff, is there some documentation somewhere?

I think this is super important @edapx. I had suggested something on this thread…
GitHub issue 3330

But, as a quick fix, the addon sites should allow comments for each addon.

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Also, every addon should at the very least have screenshots associated. Even some GUI add ons don’t have any! Even more useful than that would be a video of each example from each adddon. I’ve found this resource very useful but it hasn’t been updated in a while…

Mizutani’s addon YouTube channel

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There is this PR where it is exaplained how to write CI to your addon.
I will add it to the documentation soon.

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@ayruos there is a new section in the ofxaddons website that explains how to add CI to your addon.