How to make a face look younger or older in realtime?


Hey guys,
I’m working on a project in which I want to make a face appear younger and make it age over time. I want this to happen in realtime by using a webcam and Openframeworks. I’m fairly new to Openframeworks so I don’t really know what my best option is to achieve the result I want. I was thinking of using the ofxFaceTracker addon which I than use to create a baby-like face as an overlay which slowly fades into an old and wrinkly face. I’ve never worked with the ofxFaceTracker addon before, so I don’t really know how it works and what all the possibilities are.

I hope that you guys could maybe help me with finding the right tools and how to use them.


Rather than starting with face tracking, I’d start with static images and figure out what strategy you will use to algorithmically age a face. There are more classic blending techniques (a wrinkly texture gets blended with a face - there are many apps that do this sort of thing) or newer AI techniques that “learn” what older or younger faces look like and act as a filter. You might look at the blending techniques used in