How to make 2 OF apps comminucate with each other?

I am trying to send data to another application, on the same computer.
what would be the way to go on that subject ? Is ofSerial what I am looking for ?

I am not even sure how I would design that.
the idea is : I have a OF app running in fullscreen on a video projector. And I would like to have control over the app without the UI showing up on the wall . So an “external” UI would be nice. but I have no idea where to start.

Any ideas ?

there an addon for this ofxRemoteUI

it seems to be what I need ^^

thanks a lot

It works perfectly. thanks for the tip

is it possible to transfer something like a ofFbo , or any images ?
I guess it would much heavier data to move around, but is that doable ?

You would have to use TCP with ofxNetwork.

If you are using a mac, try ofxSyphon For sending an FBO to another app.

Just some unsolicited advice, you probably shouldn’t be generating any visuals in your controls application. If you keep all the graphics code in the same application, you won’t need to send an FBO to another application.

thanks I’ll give it a try

I am on ubuntu 12.10.

Actually, I would really need some visual feedback in my “remote UI app” . because the end result of my main app maybe projected at such an angle ( it will be projected on the floor ) that it’s going to be difficult to “read” . But I don’t need a full frame rate, 5 or 6 fps could be ok.