How to lower CPU load?


I am currently working on a project that uses video grabber and ofxARToolKitPlus, on mac osx. Currently my application uses up to 150% of the CPU when I check in the activity monitor. (actually, just running the example of ofxARToolKitPlus gives same results)

Reading some post in the forum, I understand that the reason is (tell me if I am wrong) because OF try to run as fast as possible. Also, a way to reduce this CPU load is for example to use:


But still it is still using lots of CPU. By reducing the frame rate value even more, it indeed free up some of it but then the video is not that fluid anymore.

The problem that causes me is that when I use this application on some computer for extended period of time, the Mac gets super hot with fan at full speed (like if it wants to take-off) and I would really like to avoid this.

So is there some techniques I could use to lower the CPU even more, while still having an application that run smoothly?